Video tour of Temeku Hills Assisted Living

  • Video Tour of our residential care facility for the elderly in Temecula CA

    Daniela takes you on a tour of our home for the elderly in Temecula CA showing you the main amenities.


  • Amenities

    Quality amenities are important for any facility. We here at Temeku Hills Assisted Living certainly understand just how important it is to have diverse and entertaining amenities. Listed below are just a few of the amenities that we currently offer our residents. As you will see, the array of activities is diverse and engaging.

    Cable TV and Wireless Internet

    Our residents have access to cable television and wireless Internet. We also coordinate a weekly movie night with freshly popped popcorn.


    Skype Video Chat Daily

    We feel that video chat and Skype are really impressive tools in that they easily facilitate a great way for you to stay in touch with your loved ones even when you can’t visit. As a result, Temeku Hills Assisted Living has embraced this transformative technology wholeheartedly.


    A Variety of Reading Materials

    At Temeku Hills Assisted Living, our residents have access to a wide range of reading materials and the selection of material is periodically updated.


    Board Games

    Board games are a great way for people to interact at any age. Further, many board games foster the maintenance of motor skills and cognitive processes.


    On Site Manicurist and Hair Stylist

    We also have a manicurist and hair stylist come out to the site to handle beauty and hair related issues.


    Monthly Family BBQ

    Every month you can expect Temeku Hills Assisted Living to have a rather tasty and festive monthly family BBQ and, of course, we hope you attend!



    Beautiful Scenery

    Temeku Hills Assisted Living is walking distance to the Beautiful La Serena Park, which is also wheelchair accessible. We encourage residents who can walk to visit this park at least a few times a week.



    Relaxing Location

    We are adjacent to Temecula Wine Country, which affords our residents easy access to some truly spectacular natural beauty. This world-class location also provides the opportunity for occasional field trips.



    The Temecula Senior Center

    Temeku Hills Assisted Living is also close to the Temecula Senior Center. Residents at our facility are transported to this center once a week for additional social outings.




    Forward Looking


    With an eye towards the future-we are constantly evaluating new ideas and possibilities for additional amenities, entertainment options and activities.

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